Design Consultancy Case Study: Senses Of The Soul Chakra garden and Herb Farm

As some of you may know, we are working on a really exciting multi-phase design consultancy north of Cochrane, AB. We are designing elements of the Senses of the Soul Herb Farm and Retreat, owned and operated by Samantha Orthlieb, a master herbalist who runs Nurture Health and Wellness as well as Senses of th Soul.

So I'm excited to share where this project is at, and to also let you know there are going to be many opportunities to participate in its development, and therefore all sorts of learning opportunities for design and implementation. Read more »

Calgary Eats

Announcing our new 2013 internship program!

We are excited to announce we are starting an internship program! Because we are establishing an intensive annual and perennial garden food system, there are lots of opportunities for learning to be had! Read more »

Spring/summer permablitzes

Hi friends,

So, I've been getting a lot of requests when we're facilitating permablitzes, so here are the dates confirmed so far: Read more »

Cabin Fever 2013

The Cabin Fever Syndrome Awareness and Prevention Society in partnership with the Permaculture Calgary Guild is proud to present an afternoon of support through various workshops and an evening of bands, beer and bonafide, electrified, bone shaking, cob web clearing fun! Read more »

Small space permaculture workshop resources

On May 15, we gave a 1.5 hour talk on the exciting opportunities of small spaces for food production! Below are some resources that we sent to the attendees of the workshop. Read more »

Get the Dirt on Living Soil!

Doug Weatherbee is going to be speakign at the upcoming Permaculture Calgary Guild potluck. This is going to be really exciting. I've seen him speak in Manitobo last year as part of a workshop. It's super inspiring how much we can nurture soil health. Check out the poster below, and mark your calaendars for May 25th! Read more »

2012 Maritimes Permaculture Workshop Tour

We are getting really excited for our 2012 Permaculture Workshop Tour! We are thrilled about the organizations hosting us this year: Two Transition Town groups, a Conservation Council, Community Garden groups, and a Living Earth council.

Above all, we're really grateful to be a part of the work that these groups are doing. I can't wait to meet them!

Alright, our dates are being confirmed, and the information below is under development and being updated, so if you are in these areas, please keep checking back in the next week or so as venue locations get published here. Read more »

Growing resilient tomatoes from seed

Written by: Stacey McDougall. Stacey has been growing tomatoes in Calgary for 9 years.  She loves watching things sprout from seed and spending time in the garden.

Tomato plants are amazingly resilient. I’ve been growing mine from seed for a number of years now, and I’d like to share some tips to make them even more resilient. Read more »

Tidbit: How rhizomes function

I am reading a really book set of books called "Edible Forest Gardens" by Dave Jacke and Eric Toesnmeier, and I'm picking up so much from these books that I feel the need to start sharing what I learn here! I'm into the soil chapter right now. So here's the first tidbit of many to coem that I'll share:

Many types of plants, especially those that grow in degraded environments and places where nutrients are not distributed really well (these plants are the weeds) evolved an interesting strategy, among others. They send out a thing called a "rhizome" which is a modified stem adapted to creeping through the soil. It creeps and then spawns new and connected plants. But here's the cool part...

If one plant ends up in a predicament with little soil nutrients or water available for a period of time, it actually gets a subsidy of those resources through the rhizomes from other plants in the system! These plants can establish a living by grabbing nitrogen from one place that has it, calcium from another place that has it, and sunlight from yet another place that has it, and all of these are invested into the whole so everyone gets a share. GENIUS! Fungal mycelium does exactly the same thing. This is the true benefit of using a network as a design.

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